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A new era of wonder begins.Defiant by design.Is all this living really worth dying for?
Deep in space they are not alone.Some things never let us go.Long live the king.
Mind Over MayhemOne Will FallNever steal a man's second chance.
Every pack needs a leader!Get over hereThe future ain't what it used to be.
Payback comes with interest.Time runs out.Ride together. Die together.
When the mission ends, redemption beginsPower comes in all sizes.Put on a happy face.
Get ready for the ultimate showdown.The game has evolved.Believe me. I know how you feel.
Being a superhero is in his bloodThe world ends, Godzilla begins.Meet the first modern family.
All hail the kingThey're Not in Bikini Bottom Anymore.Fear is the most dangerous power
Call if you dare!An entire universe. Once and for all.Part of the journey is the end.
Welcome to the day after judgement dayOceans Rise. Cities Fall. Hope survives.Legends Never Die.
It’s time to step up.Every generation has a legendThe world has enough Superheroes.
Higher. Further. Faster.The Grace Period Is OverEvery snowman starts somewhere.
The law has limits. They don't.Can love overcome the past?The truth made her a target.
Who will save you from yourself?The eighth wonder of the world.Witness The Birth Of An Assassin
The fate of Gotham is in your hands.Box-office mystery!A storm is coming
Man's best friend has evolvedUnseen. Undivided. Unstoppable.The ultimate hunter vs the ultimate predator
Everyone has one more fight in themThe enemy is closer than you thinkLoyalty is under fire
Big meets biggerAn angel falls. A warrior rises.The Phoenix will rise.
A better reality awaits.They took the American dream for a rideNothing stays lost forever.
Just say the word.Episode IVa: May the Ferb Be with YouThere’s no untexting her now.
Size does matter.After your first, life is never the same.Be careful who you wish for.
Let the Magic Begin.All they wanted was a quiet night out.There is no equal.
Silence is not enough.Dark And Difficult Times Lie Ahead.The past is not what it seems.
Sometimes you just have to believe.Criminal. Class.Believing is Everything
Eat or get eaten up.Homework can wait. The city can't.No Hammer. No Problem.
Born to defend. They just have to learn how.All hailA New Age Has Come.
Long live the king.Hogwarts is back in session.GIANT MONSTER BLASTS TOKYO!
The only way out is through himAll roads lead to thisSome assembly required.
Remember. Survive. Run.Follow your heart like never beforeOne love can change your life.
Every move is a game changerFree Your Inner ShaitanBEWARE OF THE FULL MOON, SCOOBY-DOO!
Something wicked this way comes.The greatest fairy tale never told.Big dreams. Big travel. Big trouble!
The celebration of a lifetimeThe park is goneEvery Hero Has a Beginning
Outnumbered. Outgunned. Never out of courageYou Cannot Contain What You AreBehind our world, there is another.
Home Is CallingFallen. Risen. United.The untold story of Ariana Grande
Be our guest.Prepare for the Second Coming.A different kind of love story.
This time it’s personalPower. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder.The universe is expanding
Evil has come to EarthMore Than One Wears the MaskDemons Have Demons Too
Ted is Coming, Again.Rise UpInstructions for beginning heroes
The King has Returned.We Scare Because We Care.Divided We Fall
Witness the beginning of a happy endingSee It Now ! You'll Remember It Always !Are you curious?
Under his influence.A Whole New Speed of HeroFamily no more
There's More to Lose than a TitleOne size kills allGet Ready to Hit the Road
The Wave Was Only The BeginningFantasy...beyond your imaginationReal heroes. Not actual size.
Dark Secrets RevealedAdventure: The desert is rife with itGet Ready to Hit the Road
Open your mind. Change your reality.Evil Must Be Confronted.Boyka is back!
True friends rock in perfect harmony!Find your happy place.Halloween comes to life.
It all ends here.Chuck Norris Explodes Across the Screen!The battle to save Christmas is on.
Here comes the ride.Boy meets boy.A True Story of An American Soldier
The game has evolved.She's living in the gateway to hell.One Way… One Fate… One Hero.
Her story will be toldLike Expendables without retirees!Old Friends New Adventure
The park is open.The greatest love story ever told.All men aren't created Evil.
Things Are Gonna Get Hairy!The King has Returned.Darkness rises... and light to meet it
The friendship of a lifetimeEARN. SPEND. PARTY.Prepare for a taste of adventure.
The world of beauty is about to get ugly.Who Broke the Internet?Live life at full brightness
Meet the first modern family.Some scars never healCreated to save us. Evolved to erase us.
Forever is just the beginningFire burns brighter in the darknessThe toys are back!
This is no longer our planetOnce upon another time...Wait 'til the end.
Never stab the devil in the backA long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...For one world to live, the other must die.
The ones who changed will change everythingMeet Nels Coxman. Citizen of the Year.The key to the future is finally unearthed.
The battle for the lawn is on.So many dogs. So little time.Every con has its pros
Back to work.Love knows best.Twice the Fun, Double the Trouble.
Vengeance Is Born In HellHell of a nightTo Fight Monsters, We Created Monsters
Enter the World of Pandora.The end will be WCKDThe quest begins
The past returns with a vengeance.Choose Wisely.Silently behind a door, it waits.
Obviously.Leaders are born from survivalThe Letters Are Out.
The Letters Are Out.The One Name They All Fear.The epic finale that will live forever.
Leader. Hero. Legend.One giant leap into the unknownJustice or revenge
Justice is coming.Return to the sea September 19Some Missions Are Not A Choice
How do you feel about dying?We were not here firstThey came. They thawed. They conquered.
The King of Action joins the crime smashers!What do you see when you look at me?Go beyond the fairy tale
It's closer than you think.Be careful what you wish for.From slave to criminal with one amendment
Courage runs deepThe Movie Event That Will Blow Their CoverNever tell him the odds.
10 challenges. 3 tickets. 1 wild ride.It Ends HereHe's dying to become a chef.
Based On The Impossible True StorySmall detective. Big imagination.His time has come
Snow WhiteUnleash the power behind the armor.Heroes in a half shell!
Bigger. Better. More absorbent.Forever is just the beginningNo rules this time
The house finds youEvil Has Reigned For 100 Years...Frenemies Unite
Fate of One. Future of All.It all begins... with a choice.Hell, any of them could have done it.
Don't look downGo back and start againFor freedom. For family. For the planet.
Man's best friend has evolvedThe version children love!Who Broke the Internet?
Get ready for frisky business.Best of enemies. Worst of friends.Heroes aren't born. They're built.
It's not over until lightning strikes.It's never too late to change the pastHer legend begins
Go for the ultimate spin.The past is not what it seems.It's all about... ME!
Civilian life will never be the same.All pirates must die.One ring to rule them all
Only the strong will surviveThe Circle of Life Continues...Her journey. Her choice.
A great love story.See our family. And feel better about yours.The Maze Was Just the Beginning.
Manners maketh man.Partner Up!Welcome to the Inferno
Family Always MattersWhere are all of the Halloween decorations?History's biggest disaster comes to an end.
It found a voice... Now it needs a body.Reset the futureTrust your mother's instincts.
Don't Miss the ClimaxWhat's your favorite thing about Earth?No gut, no glory
Stay peculiarNothing on Earth could come between them.Captain Jack is back!
Saving the world is alien to themAuditions begin 2016.From J.K. Rowling's wizarding world.
Prepare for awesomeness.This was not the plan.Every generation has a story.
Vengeance Hits HomeHe's back.Prepare to be blown out of the water.
Remember the nameUnleash the power behind the armor.Where were you the day Superman died?
Meet the little voices inside your head.The system failed. She won't.You Won't Believe Your Ice!
Don't worry, summer is comingSomeone's got a zoo loose.Live Forever Or Die Trying.
A quest to save her world.Delve into the darknessLive boldly.
Enter the World of Pandora.Fear is RebornThis is not war. It's extinction.
Trained to protect. Born to survive.Pray That You Drown FirstCreated to save us. Evolved to erase us.
You have never seen anything like this.Wish granted!Ain't nothing but a 'G' thang
The fire will burn forever.Based on Actual EventsMystery loves company.
The Next Chapter Begins.Narrated by Santa ClausThe rich will pay
Why So Serious?No more secrets.The Most Powerful Weapon Is The Truth
Their quest begineth.Grab destiny by the rice dumplings.Real spies...only smaller
We all pay for our crimes in the end.There's one in every family.The Canine Caper of the Century
Ted is coming.Be Afraid. Be Kind of Afraid.Please look after this bear, thank you
The legend you know. The story you don't.The One...The Only...The FABULOUS...Time is the enemy
Some guys just can't handle Vegas.Your mind is the scene of the crime.All you need is one killer track.
Zero to Hero!Discover a world of wishes and wonderWelcome to the apocalypse.
Seven sisters. One identity.Evolution Becomes Revolution.Be careful who you let in
A film by AryemanUntold stories of UFO encountersBig Movie.
Two worlds. One hero.The past ain't all it's cracked up to beKiss Your Nuts Goodbye
Own your storyWitness itHappily ever after begins with a dream.
The training is over.The most lethal sniper in U.S. history.The end of justice.
Worst Heroes EverThe eye of the enemy is moving.They're taking adventure to new lengths.
Welcome to the urban jungle.The mission was survival.Oblivion Awaits.
There's been a grave misunderstanding.Witness the Color of Will.50% Warrior. 50% Lover. 100% Chihuahua.
To: Luke. From: Your father.Laws are made to be broken.A New Power Is Rising.
You're never as alone as you think.The most sensational sound you'll ever see!A New Breed Of Secret Agent.
They look just like usThe battle within.No toy gets left behind.
Superbad. Superdad.Midnight is just the beginning.Every loss is another fight.
Captain Jack is back!Born leaderFind where you belong.
Game On.A new hero unleashed.Kiss Your Nuts Goodbye
Find your happy place.Believe in Hope.Smaller heroes. Just as super.
One Choice Can Destroy YouAn immortal legend. As you've only imagined.Violence first. Questions later.
3rd Mission. 3rd Dimension.Manners maketh man.You will believe.
Be our guest.No one can outrun their destiny.Behind the scenes of BBV
He puts the mean in green.Based on a true love story.Choose your prey carefully
They have arrived.The untold story begins.How far would you go to protect your home?
Heroes don't get any bigger.The fight starts from insideYou'll like him when he's angry.
Protect Your OwnIt's ancient wisdom against teenage spunkNo one is lost without a trace.
It came from outer space!The Legend EndsWar never ends quietly.
She's Done Running From Her Past.It ain't Ogre... Til it's OgreDon't believe the fairy tale.
Little Arms With Big AttitudeNo one survives aloneTo save the future, they must alter the past
A world of wonders in one great picture!Who would you become to save your family?Take a ride on the wild side.
Universal Scores Again!They still have their secrets.This holiday it's gonna get squeaky.
No mercy. No shame. No sequel.Chase something real.Why are they here?
He's villainous, she's venomous.All He Needed Was a Way OutKa-ciao!
The Hard way...the only way!Don't set him off.Back 2 Work
The Kung Fu MasterIt's not a lie if you believe itEnter The Mystery
Scheme big.A War Never EndsTrue friends rock in perfect harmony!
Way shadier than gray.You must breathe it to believe it!The Impossible Comes True.
Start spreading the newspaper.Be happy go wacky!One last chance for peace.
Get TriggeredShe's a long way from home.Everyone needs a friend.
The world has enough Superheroes.The most beautiful love story ever told.A time when heroes became legends.
What a Lovely Day.A tune-filled animated extravaganza.Nature Calls
Get loadedGood artists create. Great artists steal.You're not the bad guys. We are.
Tom And JerrySome crimes never let you goLong live evil
Time Is PowerWelcome to the Real World.Where it all began...
He's just not a people person.Terrific... and true!Change your fate.
Worst Heroes EverThey're back to raise a little terrorShe's primped. She's engaged. She's back.
If the job doesn't kill you, retirement willFantasy...beyond your imaginationDanger, Will Robinson!
The world needed a hero. They got a guy.Miss World 1970: The launch of a revolutionYou Don't Know The ½ Of It!
One adventure will change two worldsBefore he was the savior, he was a child.In this town, it can all change… like that
More Shaft than you can handleA sequel is in the heir.Once discovered, it was changed forever.
Someone has to fix the problems.It all ends.Created to save us. Evolved to erase us.
The Original EntourageTruth mattersI can see a person's inner personality.
Don't wait for tomorrow to live for todayA Rebellion Built on HopeEven monsters need a vacation
Never lose sight of survivalGet your quest on.Witness the Color of Will.
It's Scrumdidilyumptious!Awaken to a World of Wonders!Have a blast.
An offer you can't refuse.From opulence... to rags... to love.The story of a man of passions !
There's nothing like your first piece.Mischief. Mayhem. Soap.This is Halloween, everybody make a scene!
Fast & furry-ousCrime! Suicide! Prostitution!Evil is coming. Bring protection.
What do you allow to define you?Cupid is armed and dangerous!Fantasy...beyond your imagination
Someone's always watching.Enter a World of Love and EnchantmentYou don't know what you've got 'til it's...
The border is just another line to cross.Face Your Fears!All New Dragons
Your Number is Up.Where there's a love, there's a way.Nice guys finish last. Meet the winners.
Prepare for the Year of Awesomeness!Humanity is the greatest religionPrepare for the exploration.
Based on True EventsTalents can be overrated.The legends who took down Bonnie & Clyde
There's one in all of us.A Plan No One EscapesSchool never looked this scary.
You Haven't Seen Anything YetIt's nothing personal.They're going deep undercover.
Meet Mr. LinkYou will believe that a man can fly.Before he was a legend, he was a man.
Based on the legendary novelAcademy Winning Star of "ALL THE KING'S MEN"It will live in your heart forever!
Discover your inner sparkle!Once brothers, now enemies.Lives are on the line
She's not ready to act her ageWe are meant for something bigger.Enchanted dancing in a magical world!
Your future is in his hands.Super Spy. Super Fly.They Have One Shot to Get Back Home.
Be loyal. Be brave. Be loved.When you don't fit in, stand tallWhen patriots become heroes
Get enchantedBuilt To Fight. Born To LoveAre you ready to survive?
Enter a World of Love and EnchantmentWhat would you ask?THE RIGHTEOUS WILL REJOICE
He's leaving his world behind.The Jungle is JUMPIN'!Little Spies. Big Attitudes.
Anonymity is the enemySome people learn the hard wayThis time, it’s personal.
Every dog happens for a reason.More Than One Wears the MaskEvery revolution begins with a spark.
The Wolfpack Is BackThe world is a battlefieldHigher. Further. Faster.
One small step. One giant mess.Bring Him HomeThe saga is complete.
Next stop ... Mars!A place where fantasies come true!Win or lose... Everyone has their fight.
If you get one shot, make it real.Vengeance runs in the family.Evil Has Reigned For 100 Years...
True friends rock in perfect harmony!The past is not what it seems.From the Sensational Broadway Stage Success
STRANGEST OF ALL HORROR STORIES!Survival is VictoryTwo worlds. One home.
Everyone loved him. Few knew him.Archaeology just got badass!Change is coming.
What's your favorite thing about Earth?An anti-hate satire.Evil fears the knight.
He’s in for the Royal Treatment.There's a monster in all of usDon't mess with the hat.
Family is worth fighting for.Every fairy tale has a dark side.You never know where love will lead you.
His brain is off the chain.Hunt forever.Whatcha gonna do?
Be loyal. Be brave. Be loved.It's The Big One With The Big Two!Guilt is a heavy burden.
She had him at “hello”Fully Awesome. Ridonculous. Let It Begin.We had twenty years to prepare. So did they.
Prepare to get served.The final battle between man and machine!We Were Warned.
They fought World War II's greatest battle.Doo the Fright Thing.The saga is complete.
Loyalty is under fireA magical adventure in every biteChip Happens
Yabba-Dabba-Doo!Find your way home.Your legacy is more than a name
Hogwarts is back in session.The original Prince of PersiaIt will start like any other day
Every Second CountsDesperate Times. Desperate Measures.Oh brother.
A Yorgos Lanthimos inspired shortWhatcha gonna do?In heroes we trust.
You don't know what you've got 'til it's...Trust No One. Not Even Your Partner.Come and Get Some!
Get an afterlifeFrom dark heroes, justice will dawn.By his wounds, we were healed.
Time is the enemyIn Oz, nothing is what it seems.Toopy and Binoo: Binoo's Birthday
Saving the Day Takes a Pair.Find your place in the universe.Expand your universe.
The Little Family Just Got Bigger.Getting straight A's. Giving zero F's.Human. Nature.
Sometimes you gotta be bad to be goodThere are other worlds than theseSurviving the streets was just a rehearsal.
Frenemies UniteUnlikely but not impossibleShe's not the first, or the last.
Seven deadly sins. Seven ways to die.Worlds CollideTogether we are more
Unleash the hero withinNever lose hope.The truth has a man on the inside
White Man's Town... Black Man's Law!A life for a life.He's villainous, she's venomous.
This Time, They're Breaking In!History's most unlikely friendship.Seven men with one thing in common...
Purity has a price.Nothing spreads like fearYou better believe.
Always use condimentsEvery love story begins with a kiss...Destroy your enemy
Old Friends New AdventureYou'll Believe a Man Can Fly!In Oz, nothing is what it seems.
This holiday season... believe.When the war ended, the battle began.Win or lose... Everyone has their fight.
How do we explain the impossible?Life, liberty and the pursuit of vengeance.Fear is the ultimate currency
OH, BOY! WILL SHE GIVE YOU A THRILL!Stories live forever. People don't.This time, the combat is real.
No mercy. No shame. No sequel.For honor. For love. For redemption.Get over here
Born to bee wild.Deception is their weapon.The legend will never be the same.
Keaton & Allen reunited for fun flick!A family comedy without the family.Left with nothing. Capable of anything.
Justice has a number.Worlds CollideJoin the party!
A Hero Will Rise.Who's up for a close encounter?Save the best piece for last.
Still together. Still lost!Auggie Pullman will change your world.Mystery runs in the family.
The saga is complete.When our world ended their mission began.A whole new world of adventure
Just say the word.Bad cops make the best criminalsAn American legend comes to life.
The mission is a man.Disappearances can be deceivingReady. Set. Panic.
The System Must Pay.Soon the hunt will begin.Think on your sins.
How Far Would You Go To Protect Your Family?Based on a true story.Where sin abounds... grace abounds more
From nothing comes a KingBroly Is Back!The house is . . . alive!
Being Hispanic in TexasThe battle for eternity beginsExplorer is her middle name.
Adventure Is WaitingThe mission was survival.Some things are only revealed by accident
Here's to the fools who dream.See you down the road.Meet Robin Hood and his MERRY MENagerie!
We are no longer in control.The applause of the world... and then this!Win or lose... Everyone has their fight.
The war to end all wars.It's closer than you think.Some Thing Has Found Us
Dive into your destinyThe greatest love story ever told.All heroes start somewhere.
The path to paradise begins in hell.A time when heroes became legends.A Hotel Transylvania Short
When our flag falls our nation will rise.The celebration of a lifetimeWelcome To A New World of Gods And Monsters
Episodes from the red-headed bird.No Plan. No Backup. No Choice.Every generation needs a new revolution
Their war. Our time.Her faith would touch the world.The future begins.
Never push a good man too farIt's all about to kick offThe End Begins.
Suffering is the soul of greatness.Based on the infamous true story.No one is above the law.
Great trilogies come in threes.Not easy being mehHe was left for dead. He would not forget.
A love storyNever bet against a man with a killer hand.Ahhh... it's got that new movie smell.
Once upon a time in Nazi occupied France...Choose Your Weapon.The city shines brightest at night
What would you do for love?Mystery loves company.Right Love. Wrong Time.
Never never never surrenderHe is out for justice...Bent on revengeThe park is open.
Is it a question... or an answer?Fear is RebornThe Classic Tale As You Never Imagined!
Saving NemoThe legend comes to life.Evolve or die
Fight fire with fire.Heroes never die... They just reload.To have nothing, is everything
One battle turned the tide of war.Redefine the hussleCrime knows no borders.
What if your life depended on a stranger?I shot my wife... prove it.It's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
The End Is A New BeginningYou're invited to a very important dateThe world is yours...
Live, Die, RepeatYour destiny is in your blood.Her song will not be silenced.
Every hero starts from zero.Resistance has a code nameWe're back pitches
Keep your eye on the ball.Every generation has its hero. Meet ours.A silent film.
You have been chosenMay The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.Your real life is about to begin
Miracles do happen.The future awaitsThis time he's fighting for his life.
He's whoever you want him to be.No mercy. No shame. No sequel.Hope takes root.
Someone is missingFind Your Way Out.He just doesn't want to be lonely!
Watercolor of BrazilSeize your glory!You know his name
They are back... in time.Who You Gonna Call?In our darkest hour, there will be light.
'S Wonderful! 'S Marvelous!The Mission Begins 05:05:06.Your life can change in an instant.
A modern day romance with a medieval twistSurvival Is His RevengeA romance ahead of its time.
Everyone is a suspectWhen all else fails, they don't.His story changed history
What most people call hell, he calls home.Worlds will collideDon’t pay the man. Be the man.
Born leaderIt all comes down to who's by your side.Every man dies. Not every man truly lives.
Think your family is weird?Mother - She'll Keep you SafeThe Storm Awaits.
Break the boundaries of your worldWhat if Peter Pan grew up?One of the guys. One of the Spies.
No bars. No guards. No escape.Two Worlds. One Magical Secret.The old school cop is back!
Ctrl-Alt-DeathSame Planet. New Scum.No one survives alone.
WARNING: May Cause Toe-Tapping.Its towering wonders span the age of titans!Heroes come in all different colors.
What if the slipper didn't fit?Cowabunga, it's the new turtle movie.It's loaded with excitement!
It'll make you laugh...'til you cry.Things Are Gonna Get Hairy!When aliens attack, monsters fight back.
An evil knight gives nobility a bad name.This is a true story.Based on the untold true story
This Time It's WarThe Next Generation of HeroTitans will clash.
Based on a true love story.32 survivors, room for 12.Something big was leftover.
He can save us all.You will believe that a man can fly.Bust a Moo
A Fairy Tale for Troubled TimesThis School Rocks Like No Other!Feel the Wrath
Fast & furry-ousThink your family's weird?Evil Has Reigned For 100 Years...
Their first drive could be their last.A Real "Who-done-it" ThrillerAll for one and one for all!
They're not bad. They're just born that way.Strength. Courage. Honor. And loyalty.WAR DECLARED on GANGLAND!
Prepare to be merry and brightWhat does it mean to be human?Everyone is a Target
None of the FeelsBoyka is back!You Can't Fight Mother Nature.
No one escapes the noise.Behind every great love is a great story.The Time Has Come.
Free your mind.Love is patient.Lines may divide us, but hope will unite us.
The Aladdin adventure continues...Vengeance is MomCan anyone beat him?
Who is he? What is he?Save the Country - Save MankindAfter school. Parking lot. It's on.
The Adventure Continues...Life Inside Jabba the HuttHe can happen to anyone.
Where are all of the Halloween decorations?Never Drop The Con.What you can't see... will kill you!
They thought they had buried her forever!Hung over and tapped out.Why so angry?
Lost in our world, found in another.New team. New attitude. New mission.Everything that has a beginning has an end.
The Mystery. The Life. The Love. The LegendWho will tumble their way to the top?This time, the combat is real.
Live every moment, love every minuteWelcome to the Home of the BraveAll New Dragons
How far would you go for a friend?Never mess with a man's dogHere comes the bribe...
Never was a Hero needed more...If you can't get out, get even.Today is better the second time around
No rules this timeBased on the extraordinary true storyThis is not a game
It's never too late to discover who you are.They're not 21 anymoreThe biggest disaster lies ahead of us
The story before Snow WhiteAll the power on earth can't change destiny.The Ultimate Trip.
Rules are made to be broken.Lines are meant to be crossed.There is no future without it.
Once brothers, now enemies.Earth is a memory worth fighting forAre you ready for it?
Will Dan the Man be lion's lunch?He's Leaving His Mark On HistoryIn 1968, democracy refused to back down.
Think fast. Look alive. Die hard.Fashion is a religion. This is the bible.Not man. Not machine. More.
Fight the future.Old school vs new coolThe game is afoot.
Expect the Impossible.New thrills! New faces! New horror!Welcome to the badlands
Payback Speaks Louder Than WordsThey Don't Come In Peace!Family vacations can be tricky.
The best never rest.A roaring rampage of revenge.BEWARE OF THE FULL MOON, SCOOBY-DOO!
Officer Arnaud loved his Mom.The true story of a real fake.Bad Behavior. Bad Attitude. Real Hero.
All heroes start somewhere.Prepare for a giant adventureBased on the best-selling novel
It's not a crime if they can't catch you.Welcome the fuck back.It all started when he met a woman.
Revenge begets revenge.Every snowman starts somewhere.The Law Has Limits. He Does Not.
Yippee Ki-Yay Mother RussiaOld heroes never die. They just get darker.Fly Away Home.
Her talent was real. Her résumé was not.The Machines Will Rise.Roger Moore as James Bond.
Based on shocking true eventsThe Bat, the Cat, the Penguin.429733
His whole life was a million-to-one shot.Fake Cops. Real Trouble.From nothing comes a King
Fighting Crime Brick by BrickThere's one in every family.Payback is a bitch....but it goes both ways!
A new era of wonder begins.This isn't war. It's a game.Same Planet. New Scum.
I remember everything...A Perfect VacationA Therapeutic New Comedy
The key to the future is finally unearthed.There's a universe between all of us.The enemy has a weapon. So do we.
Great trilogies come in threes.For the nation to endure, a city must dieYou will be unprepared
Lana's Newest!Break the boundaries of your worldOne War Ends. Another Begins.
Based on a True LieCalculate your choices.The Story of N.W.A.
Worst. Heroes. Ever.Every dog happens for a reason.Discover A Magical New Land
Fight for your lifeThis is not war. It's extinction.LoveHateDreamsLifeWorkPlayFriendshipSex
Once upon a time....can happen again.Personal! Powerful! Human! Heroic!A Back to the Future documentary
Spartans, prepare for glory!God Created Man. Man Created Immortality.THRILLING SEA DRAMA!
Everyone ends up in the same damned place.From the World of Peter Pan.Yule believe in miracles
In Bruce we trust.Born leaderEvery Moment Is Another Chance
The world will know his name and the truth.Loyalty. Honor. Betrayal.Justice is Coming.
Blood is thicker than water.A Little Goes A Long WayNature Calls
The story of an underdog. And his dog.What most people call hell, he calls home.Welcome to girl world.
Ever wonder?Discover a world beyond your imaginationImpact! Power! Fire! Pathos! Drama!
Fifty shades grayerTo the police -- Stop me.They should have left him alone.
Failures and suffering make a real heroGet ready for rush hourFrom zero to hero.
The adventure continues . . .Love will light the way.Based on an absurd but true story
Love knows no boundariesIt's time for a little madness.How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.
Every Wednesday. She meets him once a week.Back for War.Season's Greedings
A reign of violence sweeps the screenTo get away clean, you have to play dirty.It will cost you everything.
Academy Winning Star of "ALL THE KING'S MEN"Can Cinderella rescue her Prince ...?The end begins
Mothers. Warriors. Sisters. Survivors.A person's a person no matter how small!Who knew it was so much fun to be a hooker?
Rule Your Fate.Every soul has its price.You like to watch... don't you?
They're not 21 anymoreGet Ready for Disruption!Her story will be told
Long live evilThey're already here.What do you believe?
When all else fails, they don't.Post-Brexit. Post-Trump. Post-Mortem.Are you now or have you ever been...
All the power on earth can't change destiny.The Battle for Earth Begins at Sea...the scars run deep.
Contracted to kill. Fighting to survive.Brace yourselfAuditions begin 2016.
Imagine a world where nothing is impossible.He's the best man... money can buy.The Family Just Got A Little Stranger
You Can't Fight Your Destiny.Hope livesDare to Look Beneath the Hood.
Every dog happens for a reason.He coudn't make it big, so he made it up.The most thrilling swordfight ever filmed...
You never forget your first love.A Plan No One EscapesThe entertainment experience of a lifetime.
You'll learn to love her. Warts and all.The distress code is only the beginning.With law comes disorder
Gaming is not a game!The Second Parts Are More FoolsVengeance runs in the family.
Forty Stories. Twelve Terrorists. One Cop.It's Insane -- It's JoyousA spy is never out of the game.
A fost odata... inca o data!Every man for himselfWould you forgive me if I died?
Be free or dieOne Final Night to Save the Day.Twelve chances to get it right.
Some friendships transcend lifetimes.The Empire Falls...Every moment matters.
Meet CreechDon't close your eyes, this is just a movie.The story of a nobody who saved everybody.
A time when heroes became legends.Your childhood is about to be ruined.You'll be sorry you were ever born human.
anywhere is possible.No rescue. No refuge.They don't see what I see.
Never Leave Your Partner Behind.Please look after this bear, thank youA New Evil Awakens.
Pray he's not too late.All roads lead hereWho says you can't fall in love every day?
To be second is to be last.The power of seven become a league of one.I can see a person's inner personality.
Life is waiting.Seek the truthFirst Contact. Last Stand.
They came. They thawed. They conquered.High School is About to Get a Make-Over.Wages an ice-cold war on your nerves
It's a whole new west.One hell of a ride.The greatest challenge.
No one knows you're up there.Welcome to the InfernoCrime is a disease. Meet the cure.
Justice runs in the familyThe Fairytale is OverOceans Rise. Cities Fall. Hope survives.
Old heroes never die. They just get darker.Up there with the best of the best.Live or Die on This Day
Ctrl-Alt-DeathEveryone is a suspectYou'll learn to love her. Warts and all.
Will spying ever be the same again?Light is visible only in the darkA Son's Courage. A Father's Love.
A Plan No One Escapes*If anyone asks.A battle of legendary proportions.
Smurf Happens.Fight Fire With FireJust be you.
There is no gene for the human spirit.Little Spies. Big Attitudes.Survival is Personal
The Spectacular Adventure Continues!Some Men Are Born To Be Heroes.His scars run deep.
A new twist on the classic tailSoar to new is so Damn catchy
The only way out is togetherWrestling in TijuanaNothing escapes him.
Discover A Different Breed Of HeroVegas has a new high roller.At night the city belongs to him ...
A family opens its door to a miracle.Every dog has his day.Before Gru, they had a history of bad bosses
Enter a World of Love and EnchantmentA Blast With Both Barrels Blazing!Smurf or Treat
It's not war. It's survival.Hell is About To Be UnleashedEarth Will Fall
True friends rock in perfect harmony!He Delivers.The conspiracy is real.
No one breaks out alone.Some criminals are made in prisonYou will believe.
Expect the impossible again.Get ready to get naughty!Chosen. Betrayed. Redeemed.
Solving This Puzzle Could Prove Fatal!One push can change everything.There's been a big myth-understanding
Memories can deceive youNew neighbors.Four nations, one destiny
The brothers-in-law are backFind your way back homeYour Number is Up.
BEWARE OF THE FULL MOON, SCOOBY-DOO!Beyond fear, destiny awaits.The enemy has a weapon. So do we.
Resist. Fight. Unite.A time when heroes became legends.The enemy is listening.
His next target is now hunting himVengeance is the Only JusticeFitting in is overrated
This School Rocks Like No Other!Just Say Moe.We Don't Know How Much Time We Have
Die HarderChained for 100 years in a sunken tomb!Strength. Courage. Honor. And loyalty.
Discover the secret of the Surfer.A former agent. A lethal assassin. Game On.Lost in the Ocean
The adventure continues . . .Change everything Without changing anything.Based on  a true story. We’re not kidding.
Twelve is the new eleven.What are you capable of?Get ready for a second Rush!
'Tis the season to get even.The Name of the Game is...Go for it!
Women of the caves 1000 years from now!Momma's got back-up.The Untold True Story
Infiltrate hate.Enter an age undreamed ofThe only law that matters is gravity
This is how I win.Roger Moore as James Bond.Will he save their world... or destroy it?
Unfinished BusinessNo peace without sacrificeLeave No Man Behind.
It's hunting season again...The battle for Earth beginsTheir American dream is bigger than yours.
BEWARE OF THE FULL MOON, SCOOBY-DOO!He's a one-boy food fight!One toy gets left behind!
Be loyal. Be brave. Be loved.Stop Dreaming, Start LivingLove is timeless.
Some humans are unstoppableThey ain't afraid of no ghost.Sis, Boom, Blood. You're Dead!
Magic Always Returns.MYSTERY STREET will thrill you!Revenge is beautiful.
Saving the world never goes out of style.Don't judge a cop by his cover.So glamorous it's criminal
The World is WatchingA Spike Jonze Love StoryThree Decades of Life in the Mafia.
Drive fast. Think faster.Come to Kazakhstan, it's nice!They didn't take orders...They took over.
Evil AwakensThere are no clean getawaysRemember everything. Forgive nothing.
Long live the king.We All Know One.For thrills take a ride along...
Love is a universe all of its ownHave You Ever Made A Really Big Mistake?Bring protection.
Invisible. Silent. Stolen.The flight is off. The fight is on.Discover the secret of the Surfer.
Let the mystery unfold.There is no justice without sin.They come in pieces
Friendship overcomes any obstacle.They don't see what I see.The heist gone wrong is not her only problem
Inspired by a True FriendshipThe world is yours.The story of a stolen life
They're going nowhere... fast.Some Things Get Better With AgeThis is the end...
Obviously.Get ready for a killer race.A journey paved in blood
The true story of an American ninja.The adventure continues . . .animated, short
Who's your perfect plus-one?There is a reason they woke up.The richest adventure of them all
Worst. Heroes. Ever.A motion picture event.Every Woman Needs an Escape
How might life be better with less?Find Your FlockSome Legacies Must End.
Smart and sexyA Different Kind of Disaster Movie.Prayer is a Powerful Weapon
Hell Hath No FuryThe Greatest Adventure in 70 Million YearsWhere were you the day Superman died?
Their Empire. His Kingdom."Operation Joyland!"Family vs. Frat
Welcome to Sherlock 1895!Based on the shocking true storyWe dare you.
Never Take Off the MaskWitness the day Metropolis stood stillFamily And then the flood
All New AdventureDefend your Honor.Save The Show
Give life the old college try.Kurt Cobain in his own words.The Game Has Changed.
The Biggest Comedy Ever Assembled!Based on the Graphic NovelA Life of Love, Courage & Fellowship.
To Restore Harmony, The Bands Must Battle!Home is a war awayHe's back to save the night!
Trust no one.What Is Real?Everything else was just practice!
Law And Order Will Never Be The Same....Adventure beyond Pixie HollowWhat does it take to prove the impossible?
A Los Angeles crime saga.They should have left him alone.Four legends. One legendary night.
The hunt never tasted so sweet.Enter if you dare.So many dogs. So little time.
There Is No Plan BDig the life fantastic!The Film Hackers Tried To Get Banned
The Power Is Real.Fear Gave Her CourageDon't Let Go
May the best moves win again.This is crazy. This is stupid. This is love.Meet the original force of nature.
The greatest challenge.You never forget your first love.How far would you go for a friend?
Puss In Boots, Furry Tail, CartoonEvil has its winning ways.The legend you know. The story you don't.
Danger is real, fear is a choiceHe Rides Again.In rescuing I was rescued
Based on a true Texas love storyThe oddest friends are about to get evenLive like there's no tomorrow
Australia's favourite koalaYou don't have to BE BIG to do BIG THINGSThe Joke's On You
You can't kill what isn't aliveThere Was Never Just OneNo one is what they seem.
When you only have one shot, don't miss.Actress. Activist. Adversary.Was it an act of faith... or murder?
Senses, perception, the hidden reality.Bob, keep your hands off Mama's warm buns.Nobody Runs Forever
Real Stunts. Real Thrills. Real Messed Up.Sail the high seas of adventure again!Every ant has his day.
Someone has to fix the problems.Break the story. Break the silence.Some memories are best forgotten.
Atlantis is waiting...Completing Security ScansLaws are made to be broken.
Who says you're only young once?Weed love to tell you a story...Justice runs in the family
"What a shit show!"Once upon a time....can happen again.Get pitch slapped.
Someone's Going DownHave the time of your life.Once it's here, it's too late.
Protect what's yours.You will be one of usReady. Set. Panic.
Two Heroes. One Epic Battle.The Most Dangerous Game 2017Lather. Rinse. Save the world.
Read between the lies.Every war has a beginning.How do You Stop the killing
Big cops. Small town. Moderate violence.From the Dark Side to Our Side.Party like a mother.
There's a new pack in townStarting over is not for beginners.There's a hero in all of us.
The madness beginsVegas has a new high roller.Ego vs. Confidence
A spy is never out of the game.Based on a true Texas love storyHis secret power menaced the world!
Enter the world of fairiesOne Hope. One Truth. One Way (John 14:6)The Nutcracker
A comic twist on a classic tail!Time is an illusionGet ready to root for the bad guys.
An immortal battle for supremacy.Get over hereNo Regrets
An out of this world sci-fi adventure!Are you in or out?Can you keep a secret?
Moved to tears in 8 minutesWhere will you be?This School Rocks Like No Other!
Believe The UnbelievableThe fight for the future has begun.Your House. His Home.
Get an afterlifeFunnier than "Father of the Bride!"Strength. Courage. Honor. And loyalty.
It cuts to the heart of courage.Welcome to the jingleTake flight with a new kind of princess!
The end of the world is just the beginning.Christ AloneInstructions for beginning heroes
Love actually is all around.An American dreamAlmost Totally in Control
The battle for the lawn is on.A little magic goes a long way.Divided We Fall
30% human, 70% robot, 100% lethal.0% ContainedWhen evil threatens, it's hero time.
There can be only one.Still armed. Still dangerous. Still got it.Believe in angels.
The only good bug is a dead bug.Murder by IllusionIt's cop-killer vs. killer-cop
More Daddies. More Problems.A comedy about taking it one step at a time.Based on true acts of courage
Rebels Reign.Every Step Has Led To ThisThey're closer than you think.
Experience never gets oldSanta's in town early this yearJust like real spies... only furrier.
You'll Believe a Man Can Fly!Rules are made to be broken.Are You Watching Closely?
A little intelligence goes a long wayNever Compromise.No Chance In Hell!
Queer porn crossoverThe groove is on the move.Be yourself and you can be anything
Saving the World in Style.All rise.This is not a game.
Get Some ActionGet ready for a second Rush!This time, the monsters are real!
Ice Cold, Hot Wired.The only thing crazier than love is family.No sin goes unpunished
The bride is back for the final cut.Twice the Fun, Double the Trouble.You Know Nothing, Jon Snow.
The hunt beginsTwo Worlds. One Dream.When the predator becomes the prey
Assassins aren't born. They're made.No ordinary love story...Prepare yourself for the truth
Once upon a time... can happen any time.Madly in love.You are not welcome here.
Welcome to the InfernoEveryone wants to be found.Make your own legend
Bow to No OneA love that will last forever.Fight for your life or die trying
Get ready to jam.My God. Brother, what have you done?...Some Imagination Required...
Get over hereNothing is harder to track than the truth.Every story has a price.
It's time to stand up for the little guys.Hunted by your future, haunted by your past.Get Educated
Which one of you will go to hell?First to finish. Last to die.When you don't know who to trust...
A Different Love Story, Yet AgainA Hotel Transylvania ShortNew Girl. New School. New Rules.
All he wanted was an autograph.A comedy that cuts both waysEver wish your boss was dead?
Some people unravel faster than others.Building the perfect crime!Weird Is Relative
To protect and serve the livingWe are infinite.Inspired by true events
Some will fall. Some will fly.Forever is just the beginningThe epic closure of the trilogy
You will be one of usA sensuous story of natural love.Make Every Second Count
An entire life in just one day.Every Second Chance Begins With a First StepIt's not a game if it drives you mad.
What's there to be scared of?Courage now, truth always...A brave new world without love
A history untold; a memory unfoldsthere's no going backWhere were you the day Superman died?
It ain't over 'til it's over.Fight for family.Never steal from a thief
Big things come in small packagesThe machine is comingDeal with her.
Viral fame is a dangerous game.It's ancient wisdom against teenage spunkThe hijacking was just the beginning.
Welcome to the Isle of Dogs.A Cross Country Road Wreck!You're either S.W.A.T. or you're not.
Some assembly required.The adventure continues . . .She woke up like this
Legends never dieDon't get too closeEvery step counts.
Who said the countryside was peaceful?It takes a bear to catch a thiefCheck your baggage.
Defy the FutureAdventure awaits in your own backyard.Born out of the blazing passions of war!
Gone is the romance that was so divineAn adventure 65 million years in the making.Last Call Pitches
Warrior. Legend. King.Stand Your GroundIt's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus.
The love affair that shook the world!The all-new adventuresHis whole life was a million-to-one shot.
They got thisThe momma of all comedies is back.Every Family Has Its Demons
The incredible attack on Pearl Harbor.From gentle to mental.Hope never quits
Houston, we have a problem.Their World Is Closer Than You ThinkBeauty's Fate Is In the Hands of the Beast!
The Greatest Mystery Is How It All Began.A film by Michele SoaviLeft with nothing. Capable of anything.
It's The Coolest Job Ever.Not every gift is a blessing.Death is not the end
The Bigger the Hit, The Harder They FallPrey for the living.Survival demands sacrifice
Hang On To Your NuggetsHer eyes against their hunchesSaving the world never goes out of style.
This Time, Everybody's Going Crazier.Heroes in a half shell!All for fun and fun for all
Guess who's coming to save the world again?From rags to riches... and back again.Not all souls can be saved.
Neighbor. Icon. Friend.Some People Give A Damn!They soared above the ordinary.
Imagine a Place Where Anything is PossibleA MacumentaryCharacter will be revealed.
A LITTLE ADVENTURE GOES A LAWN WAY.The ocean is calling.Gone today, here tomorrow
Honor Begins at HomeLosing is EverythingYou'll be sorry you were ever born human.
He Delivers.Take Back Your LifeNot All Fairy Tales Go By the Book.
Live for Love.Her legend beginsTHE REAL PILOTS...THE REAL STORY
This summer the Angels are back.Find Your Way Out.Can a man really change?
The media made them superstars.Out here survival is everything.BEWARE OF THE FULL MOON, SCOOBY-DOO!
Astonishing. Intimate. Definitive.All children grow up except one.Love is the greatest adventure of all.
Sin Begets RetributionBy his wounds, we were healed.Welcome to the infantry.
The legend will never be the same.Twenty years. Two people.Survival is key
How Do You Keep A Secret This Big?Based on chilling true eventsHope is the greatest weapon of all
Overcome your fearBlood always follows money.Proudly We Served
Unlock the mysteryDon't trust anyone. Including yourself.Best Friend. Hero. Marine.
His secret power menaced the world!Being BAD never looked so GOOD!In the future, one man is the law.
The greatest romance of all time!There are no clean hit-and-runsA tale of Christmas magic.
His powers are his curseChoose your destiny.Kool FM: Pirate Radio Documentary
Man is the sum of his misfortunesLeave the games to the professionalsThere's a monster in all of us
Who would you save the world?2 Guns, 1 Bank.What if suddenly the ground was gone?
The Rush Is On!From above the world of CarsChange one thing. Change everything.
We've got the future under control.The legend you know. The story you don't.By his wounds, we were healed.
Yule crack up.Some things are worth fighting for.Who's next?
There is no turning backMishaps. Misadventures. Mayhem. Oh Joy.The adventure continues . . .
Ready for more. Much more.It’s never too late to chase a dream.It begins on the street. It ends here.
Justice runs in the familyIn 1968, democracy refused to back down.The future is history.
That's it, get out your banana.What could go wrong?What do you believe?
Time is an illusionThe story behind the revolutionary musicalThe enemy has a weapon. So do we.
Her story made historyThere is no defense.Defend your nation. Become your enemy.
Two worlds. One voice. No going back.Crime MysterySixty feet of prehistoric terror.
At Seabrook High, it's Zoms vs. PomsRise and be baptizedThere comes a time to cut loose
Justice runs in the familyThey needed hot dates. They got hot messes.One nation, under water.
Who is Salt?Some people learn the hard wayWatch For The Signs
An All-New Dragon AdventureThe Rescue MovieThe Ego has landed.
Slow justice is no justiceNo one comes close to James Bond, 007.Music
This is the truth. This is what's real.Scooby-Dooby-Doo!Welcome to the suck.
THE CHARACTERS ACTUALLY LIVE.Terror strikes with a knock on the door.....Fight for your city, block by block
Risk everything... for love.Be Warned.  It's AliveDon't hunt what you can't kill.
Popularity is nice. Popular girls are not.Sophistication Has a Name.If you want respect, you've got to take it.
A sinerama of sex!Are you the exception... or the rule?Legends Never Die.
If he's crazy, what does that make you?I'm fine.Yes, I do.
Everyone's driven by something.Resistance is futile.Don't look up
More hip than humanly possible.What She Saw Changed EverythingCan a great man be a good man?
She rocks. She rules. She reigns.Discover what made her the girlA comedy of biblical proportions
Same Planet. Different World.An ancient hero returns with a vengeance.Greatest of all spectacles!
Prepare for adventure. Count on revenge.The past returns with a vengeance.It's a Hard Knock Life
Get ready to root for the bad guys.Don't judge a book by its hair color!There are no clean getaways.
Something big is going down.The infestation has begunWelcome to the party
All roads don't lead to salvation.From dark heroes, justice will dawn.There are two sides to every hero.
DeNiro vs StalloneIllumination Presents: 10 Minion Mini-MoviesWho doesn't have a little Christmas baggage?
UH-OH.Witness the day Metropolis stood stillThere's one thing nice girls don't do...
Half Man, Half Machine, No MercyNo Hammer. No Problem.There is no justice, there is only revenge.
Vengeance is the ultimate weapon.I find giants, I hunt giantsA fantasy adventure like no other
Your life is not secure.Chip HappensSee how the other half steals.
Nature has only one law - SurvivalEverything is ConnectedGet in. Get out. Get even.
Avengers need Phineas and Ferb to Assemble.Profile of a KillerThe Legend Begins
Survival is VictoryThe cure for the common man.The Classic Continues
Where there's a will, there's a weaponThe showdown that will define a destiny1 street. 10 stories. 10 Crosby.
Get carried away.She's a trip, but she's no vacation.Don't fear the lies. Fear the truth.
Best Friends for NeverTo Restore Harmony, The Bands Must Battle!12 Days on the Run
When mankind failed, she didn't.On June 30, 2006! Look Up In The Sky!A Happening in Africa
12.12.08 is the Day the Earth Stood StillThief. Warrior. Gladiator. King.Know your worth.
They had a date with fate in Casablanca!Fear. Sacrifice. Contact.The Kung Fu Panda story continues
I'm fine.Every legend has a beginning.All New Adventure
Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder.An anti-hate satire.The brothers-in-law are back
Friendship is just the tipChip Happenscnn special report
You gotta represent.Look up!  Look down!  Look out!The Nutcracker
It's more than just foreplay.Dungeons & DragonsThe triumph of the human spirit
A Guardian DevilWhen in Rome, never do what they do.Fierce as tigers in a duel to the death!
Meet Darren. He's sixteen going on immortal.Two Worlds. One Magical Secret.Hit the jump for more
Dream High.Right place. Wrong time.Daring, Desirable, Dangerous
Come to Kazakhstan, it's nice!The end is near.The Serpent is coming…
Everyone Hustles To SurviveSurvival. Resilience. Redemption.For dog's sake!
Looks can killWould you forgive me if I died?Back to the grind.
A roaring rampage of revenge.animated, shortIt Took His Love...
America's Most Wanted.There is no justice without sin.Desire can kill.
They're the Best Man for the job.She's not ready to act her ageCaptured! Tortured! Eaten alive!
He doesn’t need words.The new name for adventure.He was given an offer he couldn't refuse...
Mischief loves company.Anonymity Is His NameUnder the paving stones, the beach!
Remember the future.Everything interesting begins in the mindEvery journey begins where you come from.
YOU CAN'T FORESEE IT! YOU CAN'T FORGET IT!Good food. Fine ales. Total Annihilation.Risk taker. Rule breaker. Game changer.
Love... it's a balancing actEvery legend has a new beginning.Based on the most awkward year of your life
If looks could kill.The Mob's been thrown some unexpected curvesBased on a true story.
Oceans Rise. Cities Fall. Hope survives.They stole his mind, now he wants it back.Fight for what you love
Created to save us. Evolved to erase us.Power changes everythingInspire a generation!
Enter if you dare.Two Films. One Love.You will believe.
There are two sides to the American dreamI lay my vengeance upon them.Almost Totally in Control
Licensed to thrill.Invisible and Deadly!Vengeance runs in the blood.
Love demands everythingThe future's a thing of the past.A world where the night never ends.
Who's hunting who?Five Criminals. One Line Up. No Coincidence.Heroes aren't born. They're built.
Discover the mystery behind the legend.He took New York for its wildest joyride!BEWARE OF THE FULL MOON, SCOOBY-DOO!
A body swap that changed everythingAre You A Shallow Guy?Everyone Has A Story.
When the dancing stops, the killing starts.Nice planet. We'll take it!The most lethal sniper in U.S. history.
A Jack Gaffney ShortOne of them is lying. So is the other.Episode IVa: May the Ferb Be with You
He Will Rock YouThere is no calm before the stormAdapted from the novel "Rita Coventry" by Julian Street
Eliminating Evil Since 1812.Chip HappensPerfect wife. Perfect target.
It escaped. It's learning. It's out there.Whatever they dream up... he has to survive.School's out for summer
What happened in Vegas?!Country's Night to RockA Player Who's About to be Played.
Courage has no border.The good. The bad. And the batshit cray.Chip Happens
One Shot. One Kill. No Exceptions.Faith V FearIt was supposed to be an easy job
The magic is back!Once you remember, you will never forget.The mightiest adventure of them all!
Royality meets reality.Every ending is a new beginningTwo Heroes. One Epic Battle.
Vengeance runs in the family.Licensed to thrill.Revenge Has No Limits
Justice is coming.What are you prepared to do?Find your inner piece.
One Step Can Change Your WorldAn unconventional love story...A deadly game only one can survive
In Oz, nothing is what it seems.You can never go too far.They left him no choice..
Loyalty comes at a priceWhen hope is all you have.Get ready. Get set. Get nuts!
For A City. For A Woman. For His Life.The right place to do wrong.The Nutcracker
Disaster is just a small step away.Roger Moore as James Bond.True Love.
A new adventure is born.Judgement is comingTake your chance. Make your move.
It's a whole new scream!More dreams to conquerStranded by War. Strengthened by Hope.
Every family has a few hang-ups.Everything he touches turns into excitement!Run Baby Run!
Dear Santa. North Pole.What happened in Vegas?!Destroy your enemy
Something bunny is going on...SLO NO MOSame Land. Same God. Different Dreams.
Find the courage, fight togetherDinner and a MurderDefy your times
For God loved the world So much…Behind every hero is an embarrassing siblingAn incredible orgy of sights and sounds!
Reanimated. Rearmed. The ultimate rematchWhere History Comes To LifeGetting there is twice the fun.
There are two sides to every story.May the best bride win.Hip Hip Poohray!
It's not a diary, it's a movie.Where There Are Gods, There Are Monsters.Strength. Courage. Honor. And loyalty.
The greatest manhunt in history.What's Really Going On Next Door?Let the Good Times Roll
When others fly out, heroes fly in.The greatest adventure THROUGH all time!Living in the moment is hard to do alone.
He's back to lay down the law.Start your engines...Let Yourself GO
The magic is back again!Experience Metallica like never beforeThe girl behind the name.
Danger, Will Robinson!Smurf or TreatThe original caped crusader is back!
Starting from scratch never tasted so good.Life beyond motherhoodShe has the code. He is the key.
Trick or Treat or Die!This is AfricaFor courage. For loyalty. For honor.
A Love Story. More or Less.One Word Can Change Everything.A WIND FROM HELL!--blowing life...or DEATH!
GREASE is the word.It's terrific!Roger Moore as James Bond.
How much is your family worth?Real people. Real reactions. Real messed up.Stealin' stones and breakin' bones.
1935's most beloved motion picture!From the Sensational Broadway Stage Success1,000,000 Tons. 100,000 Lives. 100 Minutes.
The rich will payWhat an Institution!A comedy with everything on it.
Rebel. Genius. Liberator.The Plastics Are Back!Ordinary girl. Extraordinary soul.
James Bond's all time high.When love ends, madness begins.No rules this time
Get Tough. Get Mean. Get Ready.The Perfect World Meets The Perfect AssassinDanger waits at the door of discovery
Take a Ride on the Wild Side.They suck at school.A life misunderestimated.
There's one in every family.The legend. The battle. The first hero.Growing pains? They've got twelve of them!
A WILD GODDESS RULES THE JUNGLE!Witness the price of the American Dream.This house knows what makes you tick.
BEWARE OF THE FULL MOON, SCOOBY-DOO!It started like any other night.A woman and a warrior that became a legend.
No limits. No fears. No substitutes.You'll know when you're in it.No Bib. No Crib. No Problem.
Old habits party hard.What's your favorite thing about Earth?Can a psychedelic plant release your demons?
Torn apart by war. Brought together by love.History is about to changeAfrica Meets the Sea
Her story will be told.Choose life.The Maximum Force Of The Future.
Hustler. Informant. Kingpin. Legend.He's never been cooler.Mystery loves company.
The version children love!7 days. 2 families. No backing out.No one comes close to James Bond, 007.
Get Some.Give him smack in head special...The battle for Earth begins
Everyone deserves a chance to celebrate.Welcome to the Real World.Brazzle Dazzle Brilliance!
Everyone gets old. Not everyone grows up.Crime comedyWhat if you had no right to read?
With spies like these who needs enemies?The only safe place is on the run.Popularity is nice. Popular girls are not.
Your time will come...Action's never been so hot!Celebrate the one day that connects us all
They'll do anything to save their best bud.In an all-new Captain America adventureA Shattering Entertainment Experience!
No one escapes the noise.Where The Legendary Journeys BeginsThe Toast of Croydon is Back.
Finding love takes some assistants.Every family has a secretIn an all-new Captain America adventure
The park is open.Love Thy NeighborYou can't kill their spirit
The man who made 007 a household number.463 AD. A nation in need of a legend.Discover how it all began.
Love, fight, live, rule like a legend.Survival is no gameThe end of the world is just the beginning.
All Aboard!!!!!It's never too late to start living.Avengers need Phineas and Ferb to Assemble.
The natural history of a womanHolmiesA dark fairy tale.
The Heavyweights Arrive!Let's Get Nuts!What you see can hurt you.
Friendship is thicker than honeyIt Arrives.Stomp it like it's hot
His life ended. Now, a new one will begin.Witness the day Metropolis stood stillDark secrets will come to light.
Adventures of a time traveling elfIt's all about timeLife is for living.
Live life at full brightnessThe Power Is On!Two agents. One city. No merci.
Survival Is No GameNever make a bet you can't afford to lose.There's a new Sheriff in town
Two cops, twelve murders... No suspect!Everyone Fights. No One Quits.Dance to your own beat.
Academy Winning Star of "ALL THE KING'S MEN"Power. Greed. Justice.Life is a terrible thing to sleep through.
You're only young once… is it over yet?Breaking the Law to Protect It.Take no prisoners.
All New DragonsBEWARE OF THE FULL MOON, SCOOBY-DOO!Based on a true story.
We called, they answered,  she's the proofDesire. Defy. Escape.I'm back, baby!
Unmask the truthWhat strange forces are at work here ?Not all damsels need saving.
Serial killer vs. forensic genius.No Probes NecessaryHeel the love.
Resistance has a code nameRevenge Doesn't StopReal life has never been so animated.
Cowabunga, it's the new turtle movie.Trust me.A Global Warning
What's left when the light goes out?No one stays at the top forever.Don't fit in, stand out.
Explore, Rescue, ProtectThe greatest challenge.He played with death to prove a theory
Computer animation comes to life!Just deux it.The Nutcracker
Once brothers, now enemies.Desperate times. Dangerous measures.Everything is not going to be OK
Beyond fear, destiny awaits.Enter an age undreamed ofThis is what peak performance looks like....
Dance is the rhythm of the heartAll lies eventually lead to the Truth...Some secrets are too big to keep.
She shows up. Everything blows up.A sensuous story of natural love.Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.
Where the future is your past.UH-OH.The first Disney movie with attitude.
And it won't be their lastWelcome to the neighborhoodHe's A Cop That's Not.
Live. Love. Eat.It'll take a Christmas Miracle!If you could go back in time, would you?
What would you hide to protect your family?Opportunity rocks.Friendship has a scoreboard.
Watch out!A kinky voyage with a full head of steam.Don't try this at home
Don't leave Earth without itVengeance has a nameFollow the mystery. Discover a miracle.
GUNNING FOR A PHANTOMThis Time, Everybody's Going Crazier.Get Lost. Get Found.
A Little Friendship Never Killed Anyone.The Maximum Force Of The Future.The Story of an American Family.
This summer take a trip you'll never forget.New animals. New adventures. Same hair.Bad cops make the best criminals
The momma of all comedies is back.There's one in all of us.Rick Grimes Returns
The only safe place is on the run.Love is all you need.Are you in or out?
There are two sides to every family.To Protect and ServiceTwo sisters divided for the love of a king.
Part Dog. Part Wolf. All Hero.History always repeats itself.Don't walk. Run.
Everyone Deserves to be Loved.And you thought family was complicatedRich. Spoiled. Hunted.
Revenge gets ugly.Where there's a wool, there's a wayWarrior. Legend. King.
Where do you go when you've gone too far?Everything must goThere are some secrets we cannot escape
Find your way home.Show me the Monkey!Never Mess With An Agent In A Dress.
High-Octane Action and Daring Dogfights!Good men can do bad thingsA crash course in revenge
Rules can be broken...but so can hearts.No Law. No Rules. No Order.The first casualty of war is innocence.
Has James Bond finally met his match?THE GREATEST SCREEN DRAMA OF ALL TIMEYou don't have a chance. Seize it!
To catch a devil, trust a sinner.Party like your job depends on itWith her love, he lived
Run for cover!He's leaving virgin territoryEarn money the hard way... steal it!
A War Never EndsNothing ever truly dies.Love happens. When you least expect it....
Sean Connery is James Bond 007An adventure as big as life itself.STREAMLINED FOR THRILLS!
History is written by the winners.Sometimes the truth goes up in flamesThis time, the monsters are real!
The future has a bad attitude.A million to one you clean up!You can't handle the tooth.
Everyone is guilty.Whatever side you take, you're wrong.The Kung Fu Panda story continues
For him the world was enoughMom needs a little space.10 Will Fight, 9 Will Die. You Get To Watch.
Half a zebra, a whole lot of adventure!Avengers need Phineas and Ferb to Assemble.Look beyond what you see
When the lights go off the battle is on.Once upon a time... can happen any time.If you knew you could do it over, would you?
BEWARE OF THE FULL MOON, SCOOBY-DOO!Little friend. Big adventure.True love never fades.
Be right back.Oh Pooh.The mother of all movies.
The Voice of the TempterArmed and Sort-of Dangerous.The future awaits
The battle for eternity beginsThe Gods need a hero.A Fish-Out-Of-Water Comedy.
Heaven is falling, so Earth must moveIt Was The Night Of Their LivesOne Marriage. One Family. Under God.
Be scare-ful what you wish forYou'll be sorry you were ever born human.Never steal from the world's greatest thief.
Don't fit in, stand out.Let's Go CanyoneeringNo one is what they seem.
The Greatest Picture of the Year!Every dream deserves a fighting chance.Based on an actual lie.
Cousins. Outlaws. Thrillbillies.Surfs up and the Beach is really swinging!Warrior. Legend. King.
An education in incarceration.When troubles strikes friends stack togetherPapa's Got Brand New Baggage.
Holli Would if she could ...and she willHe's back to lay down the law.Fantasy...beyond your imagination
A very spacey comedyTimes like these call for a Big Lebowski.Mankind May Fall. Heroes Will Rise.
No one comes close to James Bond, 007.Every Hit Man Deserves a Second Shot!Nothing is real, everything is possible.
Voyage into fearCultures collide. Hope survives.A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere.
Where will your imagination take you?She wants the money, and she wants him dead!There's Always Been Something Between Them.
Bigger. Bolder. Blonder.It takes two to make it … The big two.An eye for an eye.
Two men enter. One man leaves.You're never too old to get even.He will find you. He will become you.
Who is the beast?Based on actual events.Justice runs in the family
Higher. Further. Faster.How long will you endure abuse?The most bizarre murder weapon ever used!
Nothing is more dangerous than the truthSometimes silence is the deadliest sound.Who will be crowned King of the Surf?
The Final...Glamour was the disguise.There is no harm in repeating a good thing.
Win or lose, always aim highFeel the Love.Be a warrior
Friendship, loyalty & greed.Nervous is normal.Change begins with a whisper.
Law And Order Will Never Be The Same....The mustache rides. Again.Half time is game time
Popularity is nice. Popular girls are not.There are two sides to every hero.Hip Hip Poohray!
Dream Large. Live Larger.The War is ComingThey're the man.
Back 2 WorkBased on a True Story.All he had left was revenge
Prepare for the next levelUnder their own commandThe Fascinating Lives of Dolphins and Whales
Stand and FightThey're taking adventure to new lengths.Unbridled. Unbroken. Unbeaten.
Her greatest work will be her biggest crime.Big Risk, Big Rewards & Big Attitude!Everyone Has A Price. What's Yours?
Nothing spreads like fearA Hero Comes HomeBig Movie.
The past never stays deadSeven men with one thing in common...The Mountain Will Decide.
What a Glorious Feeling!They'll do anything to save their best bud.Growing up. Moving on. Lighting up.
I don't know, it's just this feeling...Come Play With FireSometimes you gotta be bad to be good
The coast is toast.She rocks. She rules. She reigns.Hell is real
No Sesame. All street.Choose your DaddyIt IS alive!
The original wonder women!The Film Hackers Tried To Get BannedFrom dark heroes, justice will dawn.
If you can see the future, you can save it.To surf 40-foot waves is to put yourself...His only weapon is his will to survive.
We come in peace!You will believe in miraclesStarting over is not for beginners.
A new breed of rock starShe'll follow you.Love actually is all around.
Desperate Men Against a Savage Tyrant!Roll the dice and unleash the excitement!A Silent Warrior. A Lethal Mission.
Their World Is Closer Than You Think4 Girls, 3 Days, 2 Cities, 1 Chance.....Love Is In The Hair.
Every Dream has a Price.Say Goodbye To InnocenceGot Protection?
Suit up for action!One Marine. Two Gangs. One Long NightA desert adventure
MaydayMoney is the most explosive element.Set sail for Muppet mayhem!
One lost little cat. One magical adventure.The Fascinating Lives of Dolphins and WhalesThis time, the monsters are real!
Small Mouse. Big DreamsA Monsterrific Musical!This is the truth. This is what's real.
Fame is Fleeting. The Internet is Forever...If the sun dies, so do we.See the music. Hear the dance.
A New Breed Of Secret Agent.Trust Love All The WayI need a weapon. I need my revenge.
When the hunter becomes the prey.Empires fall. Love survives.not romeo and juliet, but close
The only way out is down.Prepare for her arrival.THE TENSE DRAMA OF A SOUL IN DOUBT
The truth cannot be converted.The search beginsBulls, guns, whips, gold and one sacred cat
In rescuing I was rescuedAt 11:00pm, their dazzling day beginsSmashing the nation's worst crime ring!
Thou shalt not suffer a witch to liveDuty. Country. Family.I'm back, baby!
Hope Has A Way Of Shining ThroughYou might even say it glows!The pressure is building...
Did she or didn't she?The past is prologueHer voice would not be silenced.
Evil breeds pain.I'm back, baby!The true meaning of fear
Vengeance runs in the family.The best heroes are homemade.She's a child, a woman and a mother at 14.
Music binds loveRide the next wave in terror.A jet-propelled gang...Out for fast kicks!
Every girl everywhere is a princess.Always...Do not attempt this at home.
Fight for your fate.The world needs bigger heroesSeven names. Seven strangers. One secret.
It was the greatest art heist in historyWe know it's big. We measured.The Roaring, Cheering Thrill Feast!
Their song will haunt youBe careful what you wish forWar is Fine But The Fight Continues
Murder is a two-way street.Naughty can be niceTwo Brothers. Loyalty. Honor.
Change is worth fighting forThe Mightiest Thrill Picture of All Time!Adventure doesn't come any bigger than this.
Everything happens for a reason.Win or lose, always aim highRamones: Live at Musikladen
No Rules. No Mercy. Pure Fighting.Mystery loves company.Got Protection?
You lose some, you get some.Best friends trippingFear is Reborn
Time to try a little trouble!The Dark Side of NatureOut here, there's nowhere to hide.
Her ideas changed the worldThey're back... and deadlier than ever!Get Ready For Fun
Survival of the fastest.Rage unleashed.It ain't over 'til he's done.
Oblivion Awaits.Serve No MasterOne Cop. One Con. No Mercy.
Two cops, twelve murders... No suspect!Don't get mad, get everything.Revenge Never Gets Old.
The flip side of Sherlock HolmesEARN. SPEND. PARTY.Survival Is A Choice
Who Is Your Hero?The greatest escape adventure ever toldOne last chance for peace.
Sshhh… The country is asleepSomeone knows too much.Who do you trust?
You will never see it coming.When troubles strikes friends stack togetherKids bring everyone closer, right?
Adventure doesn't come any bigger!Something special is coming your way!... between winning it and losing it.
Somewhere on this planet it must exist.Rise above the noiseSooner or later everyone does.
Mercy is for the WeakEvery Second CountsStarring your favorite WWE Superstars!
Champions Can Come From Anywhere.The magic is back!A Family In Transition
Silently behind a door, it waits.Nature called. Look who answered.Your ally could become your enemy.
Nobody gets away clean.Could you forgive?Good breeding gone bad
Lose some, you'll win some!Fantasy...beyond your imaginationThere are two sides to every hero.
No longer a kid. Not much of a detective.There's no such thing as final vengeance!Escape your nightmares
Passion never dies.Ka-ciao!Free Him!
The truth is never overrated.Small town kid, big time right hook.Are you ready for another 12 Rounds?
Did she or didn't she?All New DragonsSugar, spice, and everything ice.
You're only as strong as your next move.Life leaves a mark.Big sisters don't always know best.
Leave Your Comfort Zone.Anyone Else Would Be Dead By Now.Based on true events.
A generation's final journey... begins.Two Cops. One Mission. No Mercy.Courage has no speed limit
Little dudes. Big trouble.Stories are wild creatures.Crime knows no borders.
Knowledge is a dangerous thingAn awkward true story.America was born in the streets.
Time to rock it from the Delta to the DMZ!Saving The World...And Loving It!Caring is a funny thing.
Choose your enemies wiselyA tale of life, love, and letting go.Hail Yeah!
In order to catch him, he must become him.Vengeance cannot be denied.When Earth Ends, The Adventure Begins.
Everything is not what it seemsThey soared above the ordinary.The old west meets the far east.
There may never be another dawn.It doesn't hurt to look...Time waits for one man.
This isn't the movies anymore.BacklightingA six way split is NOT an option.
Rules aren't for everyone.Once upon another time...It takes a legend... to make a star
Leave the crime to the criminalsAction's never been so hot!Finding love takes some assistants.
Passion Temptation Obsession.There is more to fear than you can see.The magic of friendship never changes.
Everyone's getting smoked.Mary Millington is Queen of the Blues!Kiss Fear Goodbye
He's back to protect the innocent.This party never ends.He just doesn't want to be lonely!
There are two sides to every hero.The unmaking of the presidentHis greatest fight was for justice.
Heroes in a half shell!Pug....ActuallyAfter school. Parking lot. It's on.
Not that it matters, but most of it is true.A War on ScienceEvil shall with evil be expelled.
When aliens attack, monsters fight back.The legends return!Pioneer. Genius. Rebel.
It was just a joke, just for fun.SLENDER: SeriesNo one is safe